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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lasix Surgery Cost

Many of you are thinking of doing eye laser surgery, but are wondering what is lasix surgery cost. The price of lasix surgery depends on many factors.

The location of your surgery will obviously have an impact on your price. For example lasix houston surgery is more expensive than lasix dallas surgery. Furthermore where you decide to do eye laser surgery will also have an impact on the price. For example a private clinic or special treatment centers are a lot more expensive than hospitals. But on the other hand, as a consequence, the quality of the surgeons and the lasix surgery will vary. So sometimes paying more is a safe solution.

The average price of laser surgery is around $1000 per eye. Less expensive surgeries can be around $400 per eye, where as the most expensive can go up to $2000 per eye, so a huge difference. But the quality will be better the more you pay. Well this is not always true, make sure to contact people who have done laser surgery before so that you can go to a safe place.