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Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Lasix Surgical Procedure

Eye lasix is as you know requires a surgical procedure which is in fact rather complexe. But dont worry it is more than safe to use nowadays. Nevertheless i thought i would explain you what is exactly done during the eye laser surgery procedure.

So as you know lasix is used to correct your vision so that you get a 20/20 vision. Lasik surgery is a refractive method which uses a laser and changes the shape of your cornea. The laser is in fact used to cut a thin circular part of the cornea of your eyes. Once this part is removed, you can see the middle part of the cornea. Again with a laser (controlled by computer), bits of it will be removed or reshaped so that you obtain a good vision. This is the more delicate part of the surgery. It is the fact that your cornea is reshaped that allows you to have a 10/10 vision. So basically this is it! Laser surgery can be used for many eye vision problems such as myopia for example.


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